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 Transforming Children

Our goal is to "Transform Children One Note At A Time" by offering a fun and educational music experience. Our Urban Stringz II participants are taught to believe in themselves and to reach for excellence in whatever they seek to achieve. In our music program we strive to build supportive bonds and lasting relationships among our youth, as well as, share life-skills for the future. Our students are excited to perform and can always benefit from your support. Feel free to come to a show – take a look at our calendar, or just drop us a line.

 Talon aka Talented One Is A Former Urban Stringz II Student

 Talon began taking private cello lessons with Ms. Sharpe when he was 14 years old. Growing up in Detroit Talon faced many challenges in his young life but his love for playing his cello gave him an alternative to the negative forces in his community. Ms. Sharpe saw his dedication and commitment to music and took him under her wing, serving as his teacher and mentor. He joined Urban Stringz II Youth Ensemble and has been a part of the USII family ever since. Talon is now attending college in New Jersey (2nd year) and was home the summer of 2013. He worked part-time at Jo-Ann Fabrics while here and played with USII. 

Talon's story is truly an example of how music education can transform the life of a child. It highlights the importance of having quality music and art programs available to ALL children.  

Thank you to the USII parents that continue to embrace and support our Talented One.

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Each year Urban Stringz II acknowledges our current high school graduates. We award each student with a $50.00 scholarship toward their college expenses. Students  must have participated in Urban Stringz II for two seasons or more. Along with our current students,  we would like to reach back and acknowledge a couple of students we missed last year. Our goal is to raise $500.00 dollars to begin building our scholarship fund.  Please feel free to donate $5.00, $10.00, $20.00 or any amount to help build this fund.  We will also have a fundraising opportunity on our website soon.  



Urban Stringz II Youth Ensemble

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